Full Day Anguilla

Full Day Anguilla

Journée Entière 1 300 €

+ taxe immigration 35€ par passager

7 hours private boat

Départ/retour : Marina Anse Marcel Road bay Meads Bay Sandy Island Crocus Bay Shoal Bay

Tarif pour 8 PASSAGERS (possibilité jusqu'à 11 pour 50 € par passager supplémentaire) Horaires : 10h-17h Départ : Anse Marcel Inclus: Essence, Capitaine, Boissons à volonté, Snacks, Palmes - Masques - Tubas, Paddle board

The neighboring island of Anguilla is the dream-destination for a switch off from the real world. After a short 20-minute journey to reach the southern coast, the beauty of Rendez-vous Bay and Cap Juluca will stun you. Everything there will invite you to relax from the pristine beach to the water as crystal-clear as a pool. Behind the southern tip of the island, we will navigate along the northern coast and its beautiful cliffs shaped by the ocean. Do you see that sandbank surrounded by a coral reef where colourful fishes live? This is a little secluded place called Sandy Island that is welcoming you for an unforgettable moment. It is time for lunch now! You will have the choice between some restaurants. And last but not least, you will discover two more incredible places, which are Crocus Bay and Meads Bay where you would be free to relax a little longer or have fun. After all these adventures, it will be time to head back towards Saint-Martin that we will reach after a 40-minute navigation.

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